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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Contemporary Women Writers Book Group

The group met Tuesday evening and discussed Alice Hoffman's The Red Garden.  The book traces the multi-generational families in the town of Blackwell, Massachusetts for over 300 years, revealing dark secrets, passion, and loyalty through a number of related stories.  The town is founded by a brave young woman from England who is not afraid of blizzards and bears, and saves the lives of her companions.  At the center of every story is a red garden, where only red plants grow.  Book group members liked the book and Alice Hoffman's style of writing.  The author has written many books with seemingly ordinary women protaganists who have something mysterious and special about their lives.
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, July 12, at 7:00 p.m.  We will discuss
Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  The main character, Harvard psychologist Alice Howland is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease, and struggles to find meaning and purpose in her life as her concept of self gradually slips away.  New members are always welcome to join the group.
Are you looking for some books for summer reading?  At the top of the stairs, across from the reference desk, you will find a selection of light summer reads for adults.  Also, remember to check the browsing collection, near the reference desk.  We have bestsellers ready to be checked out.  We buy extra copies of bestsellers that have waiting lists, so you might be lucky and find a copy of a book you have been waiting for, or a popular book you have been wanting to read.
Are you interested in the Civil War?  We have a special display in our stairwell, which will be up for a few weeks.

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